Toddlers love to learn!

Kid’s Kampus Preschool offers toddler care for children 18 – 35 months, so we know toddlers are always on the move!

At our faith-based daycare center, your child explores the world around them, with opportunities to make their own choices.

Classrooms are designed for continuous movement and toddler growth. Open spaces and cozy corners create a comfortable and friendly learning environment.

Your toddler is guided through the day at our Christian daycare center, using fun and stimulating activities which create a balance between learning and play.

Your Toddler’s Development

Toddlers are very curious and active, so we strive to ensure that they are challenged and have an amazing time while learning! They are introduced to new materials to meet their individual needs. Kid’s Kampus Preschool allows them the space to explore and experiment, while providing a safe and stimulating environment.

Throughout the day, children are encouraged to make their own simple choices. This gives them the opportunity to test out their newly acquired independence. Our toddler program helps your child develop self-assurance, allowing them to be confident little learners!

Reading opens the world!

Toddler Care Curriculum At Our Christian Preschool

Language development is at the forefront of toddler care. Books with big, bright, and colorful pictures are read often to the children. Spanish and sign language are also incorporated into every toddler school day.

Your toddler’s abundant energy is channeled into positive learning experiences. Group activities and individual activities are utilized throughout the day. Every child stays engaged and excited about their experiences at our faith-based child care center.

Our Curriculum focuses on:

  • Music (instrumental and lyrical for language development)
  • Language (including Spanish and Sign language)
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Social and Emotional Development (centered around teacher/child and child/child interactions)
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Outdoor Learning (focusing on the natural world)
  • Art

Music is a Big Part of the Toddler Program

Lyrical and slow instrumental music plays throughout the day. This creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for your child. Music can deeply affect the moods of toddlers. It has the ability to calm them, energize them, and even motivate them to cooperate.

A toddler’s cognitive skills and ability to learn are also improved when music is used in the classroom. But the biggest incentive is it just makes learning much more fun! Singing songs is a wonderful bonding experience for toddlers and their teachers.

Read What Parents Are Saying

“My daughter started there at age 3 when her private sitter passed away suddenly. The teachers and director were phenomenal in working with her to help her adjust to her new setting. She bonded with the director and her teacher. Fast forward almost six years and she’s now in the after-school program. Her favorite teacher is now the director and they still have a wonderful bond. She has made many friends over the years and still loves being there. I would recommend Kids Kampus – Summercrest to anyone.”

— Laurie M., ~Parent

“I have been bringing my kids to the staff at this facility for over 4 years. From the moment I dropped off my 6-week old baby with them. One of the girls sat with me as I cried. Many parents were busy dropping off their kids for the morning rush, some understood and took pity and attempted to comfort me as well. Ah the memories… some good, some bad. We have gone through it all with my now, 3 and 4-year-old angels it seems. I was hurt when I was informed it was my girl that hurt another little boy when she started to bite; or when the thumb-sucking began; but it is indeed a phase and the staff and I talk about issues that part of that age group. It does not help that my one girl is a true authority challenger that makes life eventful at home and there at school.I have always felt a bond with the staff. Some teachers have not stayed for “long”, which stings, but it also stings when my kids move up and leave a teacher we become attached to. I want to develop emotional ties with the ladies that are there for my child when I can’t be there, and that is what these ladies are doing there. The first year we were there, for Mother’s day I brought them an ice cream cake that said, “Happy Mother’s Day to all my kid’s other Mothers” and that is what they are… if only they came to my home and did windows with me sometimes? I am so pleased we have my girls at Kids Kampus. I like the improvements that have been made recently and the new curriculum that has rolled out. Safety is big and I hear even better things are coming. I want to be involved and get reports on how they did that day and the ladies are happy to give the good and bad.”

— Rita Leddy ~Parent