For many parents, making the decision about whether or not to send their child to daycare or preschool is a difficult one. But once they decide that early childhood education is right for their child, one decision is actually easy: choosing the Christian daycare or preschool option.

In this series of blogs, we’ll be discussing the importance of making sure that your child spends every day in a Christian environment. We’ll discuss the ways in which we surround children with Christian principles, as well as the ways in which our teachers model Christian values. We’ll discuss the differences between Christian daycare and church daycare, myths about Christian preschools, and the best parts of working in a Christian daycare center. Read on!

  1. Here’s How Our Preschool Stimulates the Senses

    If you’re choosing a preschool, you want one that will help your child grow in every way possible. In most circumstances, parents aren’t just looking for a place to let their child hang out for eight hours a day; they’re looking for a place where their child’s senses will be stimulated as th…Read More

  2. Top 4 Reasons People Are Choosing Our Preschool

    We’ve said it before and there’s no doubt we’ll say it again: Choosing the right preschool for your child is a big deal. If the perfect preschool is right around the corner from your home, then it’s very likely you’ll pick it...unless there’s an even better preschool just a bit farther a…Read More

  3. Myths About Christian Preschools We’d Like To Dispel

    It seems that no matter what industry or occupation a person is in, misconceptions follow. That’s as true in schooling as it is anywhere else, where people often here wrong information and pass it along as fact. No matter whether you’re talking about a public school or a private Christian presch…Read More

  4. Thinking of Switching Preschools? Now’s The Time!

    If you have children who are school-aged (in addition to those you might have at a preschool or daycare center), you’re acutely aware of what time of year it is! The end of the school year is a crazy time, with end-of-the-year activities, performances, and award ceremonies. Everyone is rushing aro…Read More

  5. Should You Choose Christian Daycare Over Church Daycare?

    If you’re looking for a place to send your child every day — one that is safe and enjoyable while still offering a Christian atmosphere — there are probably two options you’re considering: church daycare or Christian daycare. (Depending on the age of your child, you might instead be searchin…Read More

  6. Pick Your Kid Up From Christian Childcare and Celebrate Earth Day!

    In our ramp-up article to this one, we told you about three excellent reasons to take care of the earth. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s easy to think of it as an unimportant holiday, so in that article we tried to put a very parental, Christian view on it. It’s vitally important to c…Read More

  7. 3 Good Reasons To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Child

    Happy Earth Day in a few days! Since April 22, 1970 — longer than all of the parents of those attending our Christian childcare center have been alive — our country has celebrated a day to remember this planet we live on, contemplate the way in which it plays a part in providing us food, and sto…Read More

  8. Why It’s Great Working For A Christian Preschool At Easter

    We hate to brag, but it’s pretty great working for Kid’s Kampus Preschool. While this isn’t a blog trying to convince people to apply to become a teacher with us, we have to admit that there are a few big advantages to working at a Christian preschool and daycare center. This is especially aro…Read More

  9. 5 Ways Christian Child Care Helps Your Child Grow

    Quick! Without thinking, answer these questions: What does caring for a child entail? At preschool and daycare, what needs of a child are being met? If you’re like most parents or guardians, the first thing that comes to mind is ensuring that the physical needs of the child are met. In other words…Read More