1. National Snack Food Month

    Healthy Eating, Your Kids and National Snack Food Month

    February is National Snack Food Month. This is the perfect opportunity to show your kids how healthy snacks are the best snacks for their growing minds and bodies! Let's face it, kids aren't always enthusiastic about healthy eating. But both parents and educators know the more interested and involve…Read More

  2. 6 Things Children Learn in Our Burleson Preschool

    Sending your child to a preschool is a good start to their future success. Kids who attend preschool are more prepared for kindergarten than those who don’t. It is in preschool that children learn the skills they need for brain development, as well as for their social and emotional development. In…Read More

  3. Christmas holiday cards

    Seven Holiday Activities for Preschoolers in Burleson

    It’s Christmas time once again! Now that the holidays are officially upon us, your preschool children must be so excited to enjoy their most awaited vacation. Aside from the wonderful gifts they are expecting to receive, your little ones are surely looking forward to the activities they can do dur…Read More

  4. gift giving

    Teaching Kids How to Share on National Re-Gifting Day

    It’s often thought of as tacky, but is it really? Regifting is the practice of individuals giving unused gifts that they received from others. Declared a national holiday by money management website Regiftable.com, National Re-gifting day is celebrated each year on the third Thursday in December. …Read More

  5. preschool child

    Early Childhood Investment Yields Big Payoff

    What is the best investment to put your money into? The best investment that is currently beating others in the stock market is a preschool investment. Investing in preschool programs will bring you high financial returns. It will also be of great benefit to society in the long run. It will help to …Read More

  6. baby reading with parent

    3 Ways You Can Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary During Fall

    Autumn can be a fun and convenient time to start working with your preschool age child on their vocabulary. There are a variety of ways to do this. It might be a bit confusing at first on which ways benefit young children the most. We've crafted a small but detailed list to take you through some of …Read More