Child Care With A Christian Foundation

At Kid’s Kampus Preschool, we provide a variety of learning activities and focus on the education of the whole child. Our faith-based child care centers offer a family-oriented alternative to traditional daycare and preschool options through a carefully developed educational program that incorporates basic Christian principles and values.

Watch your child grow and smile at Kid’s Kampus!

Character development is at the center of our curriculum at our early childhood education center. It is used to teach your child productive, life-long learning habits and to make learning an enjoyable experience. Your child will develop into a strong team player and leader with our child care programs. Once learning is made fun for children, they never stop learning!

Unique Child Care Program

The Christian child care program at Kid’s Kampus Preschool is the foundation for moral and character development. Important information from the Bible is shared with students through the use of chapel time and other teachable moments such as songs, stories, bible verse memorization, and story retelling.

At our Christian daycare, teachers effectively model ways to honor God through their daily lives. Daily instruction of basic principles at an age-appropriate level reinforces these principles. Your child is encouraged to strive to live in a manner that is pleasing to God.

Below you will find a brief overview of our Christian child care program. Review the Summary of Programs and our Early Childhood Education Philosophy for more information. See our Parents Resources page for more information about our teaching practices and policies.

The Kid’s Kampus Preschool Program offers:

  • Christian-based child care
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers and director
  • Opportunities to experience a fantastic learning environment
  • Emphasis on large-group community time and individual choice lessons

The Early Childhood Development Program includes a hands-on, child-centered, early child care programs. Engaging learning activities included in the weekly schedule consist of:

  • Spanish
  • Physical Education
  • Sign Language
  • Music and Movement
  • Computer Learning
  • Ten Interest-Based Learning Centers in Each Classroom
  • Bible Class and Chapel
  • Character Development Studies Through Basic Christian Bible Stories, Songs, and Principles

Childcare Philosophy

Kid’s Kampus Preschool believes it is important to promote and provide a nurturing, knowledgeable, and trusted educational environment.

Homework help is included!

Every student at our early childhood education center is an individual and will be respected as such. Learning should be student-centered, hands-on, authentic, and interactive. Learning should foster creativity and curiosity.

The early childhood education available at Kid’s Kampus Preschool teaches students how to reach their full potential. This is achieved through character development studies that incorporate Christian family principles and values.

The foundation of the academic program includes individualized early child development. This detailed and carefully structured program of activities is designed to enrich the learning experience of every student at our preschool and daycare center.

Childcare With Knowledgeable Teachers

Our teachers, director, and staff at Kid’s Kampus make sure that the children flourish through this philosophy of early childhood education. Watch as your child develops into an independent, respectful, and loving individual!

The owner, Mrs. Amy Fish, has a strong commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment. As a former teacher, Amy has a bachelor’s degree and is Texas State Certified to teach at all levels. She has taught in the elementary, junior high, and high school classrooms.

The Early Child Development Education at Kid’s Kampus strives to:

  • Help students discover the joy of learning
  • Become lifelong learners
  • Create team players and strong leaders
  • Honor God by reaching for excellence and making good use of His resources
  • Maintain a high level of instruction in a low-pressure environment
  • Provide safe, clean, and secure facilities

We Offer High-Quality Early Child Development Instruction:

  • All teachers are nurturing, qualified, and experienced early childhood development instructors
  • Each teacher participates in a minimum of twenty-four hours of additional training per year
  • A devoted staff treats students and families with kindness, courtesy, and compassion
  • A bright, clean, warm, and inviting campus
  • Child safety is the highest priority at our Christian preschool and daycare center!